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Questions 21-26

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Marketing report

21. Why did Leo choose instant coffee as the topic for his marketing report?

A. He found plenty of material on the topic.

B. He had some practical experience in the area.

C. He had an idea of a brand he wanted to target.

22. Leo discovered that in Australia, recent technological developments

A. are producing less healthy types of instant coffee.

B. are reducing the demand for instant coffee.

C. are improving the quality of instant coffee.

23. What do the speakers agree about Leo’s table of coffee products?

A. It needs more explanation in the text.

B. It is factually inaccurate in some places.

C. It would be best to put this in the appendix.

24. What do they decide about the description of Shaffers coffee as a market follower?

A. Leo needs to define his terms.

B. Leo needs to provide more evidence.

C. Leo needs to put it in a different section.

25. What does Anna say about originality in someone’s first marketing report?

A. Clear analysis of data can be considered original.

B. Graphs and diagrams should be original, not copied.

C. Reports should contain some original data collected by the student.

26. What difference between his school assignments and this report has surprised Leo?

A. not knowing the criteria for getting a good mark

B. being required to produce work without assistance

C. having to do a great deal of research

Questions 27-30

Complete the notes below. Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Notes on specific sections of marketing report

Executive summary

  • Give a brief overview including the 27 …………………..


  • Link each problem to a 28 ………………….. which explains it


  • Practical solutions to problems
  • Include details such as participants, 29 ………………….. and sequence
  • Section is often poorly done because of lack of 30 …………………..


  • Don’t use new material here

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