Tổng hợp Section 3-4 topic Tourism & Travelling IELTS LISTENING (PDF)

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II. Tổng hợp Section 3 - 4 topic Tourism & Travelling IELTS LISTENING

1. Bài 1

Questions 31-40
Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.



  • world's highest, coldest and windiest continent
  • more than 31 ................. times as big as the UK
  • most of the area is classified as 32 ....................


  • international teams work together
  • 33 ................... is integrated with technical support
  • stations contain accommodation, work areas, a kitchen, a 34 ................. and a gym
  • supplies were brought to Zero One station by sledge from a 35 ................ at the edge of the ice 15 km away
  • problem of snow build-ups solved by building stations on 36 ................... with adjustable legs


  • average daily requirement for an adult in Antarctica is approximately 37 ................. kilocalories
  • rations for field work prepared by process of freeze-drying


  • The most important research focuses on climate change, including:
    • measuring changes in the ice-cap (because of effects on sea levels and 38 .................)
    • monitoring the hole in the ozone layer
    • analysing air from bubbles in ice to measure 39 .................. caused by human activity


  • Many openings for 40 .................. people including:
    • research assistants
    • administrative and technical positions

2. Bài 2

Question 21 to 26

Choose the correct letter A, B, or C.

21. the Antarctic Centre was established in Christchurch because

A. New Zealand is a member of Antarctic treaty

B. is geographically well-positioned

C. the climate of Christchurch is suitable

22. one role of Antarctic Centre is to

A. provide expeditions with suitable equipment

B. provide researchers with financial assistance

C. ensure that research is internationally relevant

23. the purpose of the visitor’s center is to

A. provide accommodation

B. run training sessions

C. show people what Antarctica is like

24. Doctor Marry weather says that Antarctica is like.

A. unlike any other country.

B. extremely beautiful.

C. Too cold for tourists.

25. according to doctor merry weather, Antarctica is very cold because

A. of the shape of the continent

B. it is surrounded by a frozen Sea.

C. it is an extremely dry content.

26. Dr merry weather things Antarctica was part of another continent because

A. He has done his own research in the area.

B. There is geological evidence of this.

C. it is very close to South America.

Question 27 and 28

Complete the table below. Write one word and or two numbers for each answer.

Section 3 Listening Cambridge

Question 29 and 30

Choose Two letters, A- E.

Which two achievements of Antarctic Treaty was mentioned by the speaker

A. No military use.

B. animal protected

C. historic sites preserve

D. no nuclear testing

E. fishing write protected

3. Bài 3

Questions 31-34
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

Hotels and Tourist Industry

31. According to the speaker, how might a guest feel when staying in a luxury hotel?
A. impressed with the facilities
B. depressed by the experience
C. concerned at the high costs
32. According to recent research, luxury hotels overlook the need to
A. provide for the demands of important guests
B. create a comfortable environment
C. offer an individual and personal welcome
33. The company focused their research on
A. a wide variety of hotels
B. large, luxury hotel chains
C. exotic holiday hotels
34. What is the impact of the outside environment on a hotel guest?
A. It has a considerable effect
B. It has a very limited effect
C. It has no effect whatsoever
Questions 35-40
Complete the notes below. Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.
A company providing luxury serviced apartments aims to:

  • cater specifically for (35) .................... travellers
  • provide a stylish (36) ................. for guests to use
  • set a trend throughout the (37) .................. which becomes permanent

Traditional holiday hotels attract people by:

  • offering the chance to (38) .................. their ordinary routine life
  • making sure that they are cared for in all respects – like a (39) ...................
  • leaving small treats in their rooms – e.g. cosmetics or (40) .........................

4. Bài 4

Questions 21-24

Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.
21. The tutor thinks that Sandra’s proposal

A. should be re-ordered in some parts.
B. needs a contents page.
C. ought to include more information
22. The proposal would be easier to follow if Sandra

A. inserted subheadings.
B. used more paragraphs.
C. shortened her sentence.
23. What was the problem with the formatting on Sandra’s proposal?

A. Separate points were not clearly identified.
B. The headings were not always clear.
C. Page numberings was not used in an appropriate way.
24. Sandra became interested in visiting the Navajo National Park through

A. articles she read.
B. movies she saw as a children.
C. photographs she found on the internet.
Questions 25-27

Choose THREE letters, A-G.
Which THREE topics does Sandra agree to include in the proposal?


A. climate change

B. field trip activities

C. geographical features

D. impact to ftourism

E. my thousand legends

F. plant and animal life

G. social history

Questions 28-30

Complete the sentences below. Write ONE WORD ANDIOR A NUMBER for each answer.

28. The tribal park covers ……………………… hectares.
29. Sandra suggests that they share the ……………………… for transport.
30. She says they could also explore the local ………………………

5. Bài 5

Questions 21-22
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO hobbies was Thor Heyerdahl very interested in as a youth?

A. camping

B. climbing

C. collecting

D. hunting

E. reading

Questions 23-24
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which do the speakers say are the TWO reasons why Heyerdahl went to live on an island?

A. to examine ancient carvings

B. to experience an isolated place

C. to formulate a new theory

D. to learn survival skills

E. to study the impact of an extreme environment

Questions 25-30
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

The later life of Thor Heyerdahl

25. According to Victor and Olivia, academics thought that Polynesian migration from the east was impossible due to

A. the fact that Eastern countries were far away.

B. the lack of materials for boat building.

C. the direction of the winds and currents.

26. Which do the speakers agree was the main reason for Heyerdahl’s raft journey?

A. to overcome a research setback

B. to demonstrate a personal quality

C. to test a new theory

27. What was most important to Heyerdahl about his raft journey?

A. the fact that he was the first person to do it

B. the speed of crossing the Pacific

C. the use of authentic construction methods

28. Why did Heyerdahl go to Easter Island?

A. to build a stone statue

B. to sail a reed boat

C. to learn the local language

29. In Olivia’s opinion, Heyerdahl’s greatest influence was on

A. theories about Polynesian origins.

B. the development of archaeological methodology.

C. establishing archaeology as an academic subject.

30. Which criticism do the speakers make of William Oliver’s textbook?

A. Its style is out of date.

B. Its content is over-simplified.

C. Its methodology is flawed.

6. Bài 6

Questions 21 – 26
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

Rocky Bay field trip

21. What do the students agree should be included in their aims?

A. factors affecting where organisms live

B. the need to preserve endangered species

C. techniques for classifying different organisms
22. What equipment did they forget to take on the Field Trip?

A. string

B. a compass

C. a ruler
23. In Helen’s procedure section, Colin suggests a change in

A. the order in which information is given.

B. the way the information is divided up.

C. the amount of information provided.
24. What do they say about the method they used to measure wave speed?

A. It provided accurate results.

B. It was simple to carry out.

C. It required special equipment.
25. What mistake did Helen make when first drawing the map?

A. She chose the wrong scale.

B. She stood in the wrong place.

C. She did it at the wrong time.
26. What do they decide to do next with their map?

A. scan it onto a computer

B. check it using photographs

C. add information from the internet

Questions 27 and 28
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO problems affecting organisms in the splash zone are mentioned?

A. lack of water

B. strong winds

C. lack of food

D. high temperatures

E. large waves

Questions 29 and 30
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

Which TWO reasons for possible error will they include in their report?

A. inaccurate records of the habitat of organisms

B. influence on behaviour of organisms by observer

C. incorrect identification of some organisms

D. making generalisations from a small sample

E. missing some organisms when counting

7. Bài 7

Questions 21 – 26
Complete the flow-chart below. Choose SIX answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-H, next to Questions 21-26.

A. patterns

B. names

C. sources

D. questions

E. employees

F. solutions    

G. headings

H. officials


Questions 27 – 30
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

The Horton Castle site

27. Natalie and Dave agree one reason why so few people visit Horton Castle is that

A. the publicity is poor.

B. it is difficult to get to.

C. there is little there of interest.

28. Natalie and Dave agree that the greatest problem with a visitor centre could be

A. covering the investment costs.

B. finding a big enough space for it.

C. dealing with planning restrictions.

29. What does Dave say about conditions in the town of Horton?

A. There is a lot of unemployment.

B. There are few people of working age.

C. There are opportunities for skilled workers.

30. According to Natalie, one way to prevent damage to the castle site would be to

A. insist visitors have a guide.

B. make visitors keep to the paths.

C. limit visitor numbers.

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