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Bài tập 14

Library assistant: Hi, can I help you?

Customer: Yes, I wanted to join the library.

Library assistant: Okay. First of all, let me show you around the library and explain a few things for you. Okay. Now we're here at the main entrance. You can see the reception which is where you bring back and take out books and also we can order books and answer your questions there.

Customer: Aahan!

Library assistant: Next to the reception where you can see those old disks is where we keep the magazines because you can sit down and read there. They are divided into sections for sciences, geography, arts etc. Then at the back of the library, you can see the section for old books and next to that is where the books proper start. That used to be the science section. But now on those shelves, you'll find the art section. We had a big reorganization in the summer, which I think has made it clearer. The numbering is standard, so you should be able to find what you want quite easily. However, if you can't find something, it probably means it's been borrowed. Okay, then in the corner next to the reference section is where we thought it was quietest and away from the phones and printers and things, so we’ve put the study desks there. They all have computer access, if you need it for your laptop.

Customer: Aahan!

Library assistant: We do ask that, you don't just read magazines there though. Okay, then there's the reference section where you could look up the files. Then as we come back to the main entrance, is the next section where we used to have the languages. It got very busy and noisy. So when we moved everything around we decided to put the law books here. Also, because it's a smaller section, it fits quite well here.

Customer: Aahan!

Library assistant: Okay! Then. We are back at the main entrance. Over there, by reception there's a door that goes to the extension and we have further sections such as languages and study desks through there. So you could have a look around when we’ve finished. Then just between reception and the door here is where we decided to put the computers, but the computer magazines are in the magazine section as we found too many when missing here. Okay, Is that everything?

You now have 30 seconds to read questions 16 to 20.

Customer: That's great. Thanks. Can you just tell me a bit about borrowing and the rules and whatever?

Library assistant: Of course. Over the last two months, we've been introducing a new system for this and you can now take books out for six weeks. That's generally enough for most people. We usually get books back within 30 days. Of course, you may decide to renew the period. You used to have to come in to get the book stamped because we don't like doing it over the phone as there's no record of it. But now, you can do all that via email.

Customer: Aahan!

Library assistant: If you do forget to renew, then we do make a charge, I’m afraid. That helps our costs, of course, but we do insist on it. The good news is that there is only one charge. I know some libraries charge one pound for one week and then it goes up with each week, it's late. We ask for one pound fifty, as we think that's high enough to stop people being overdue.

Customer: Laughter!

Library assistant: The other thing you may want to know is what you do about books that are not on the shelves. We do have a system for reserving them. All you have to do is fill in a yellow form behind those blue ones on the desk...

Customer: Aahan!

Library assistant: ….And give it to someone at reception. We will let you know when it comes in. Also, sometimes you will need a journal article that we don't have but can get from other libraries. So we offer an ordering service if you need it. Now, if you'd like to fill in...

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