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Bên cạnh hướng dẫn cách paraphrase từ know trong tiếng Anh, IELTS TUTOR cũng cung cấp transcript bài tập chuyên đề Map Labelling IELTS Listening.

Bài tập 20

Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you have some time to look at questions 15 to 20. Now listen and answer questions 15 to 20.

Okay, Group B, your turn. Does everyone have a copy of the plan? Oh, great. Okay, we’ll all be meeting in the car park that’s on the bottom of the plan see. Now, if you’ve been assigned to the vegetable beds to get there, you go out of the car park and go up the footpath until you reach the circle of trees. There they are – in the middle of the plan, and you see that the footpath goes all the way around them. Well, on the left-hand side of that circular footpath, there’s a short track which takes you directly to the vegetable beds. You could see a bamboo fence marked just above them.

Alright. Okay. If you’re helping out with the beehives, pay attention. Look again at the circle of trees in the middle of the plan and the footpath that goes around them. On the right side of that circle, you can see that the footpath goes off in an easterly direction, heading towards the right-hand side of the plan. And then the path splits into two and you can either go up or down. You want the path that heads down, and at the end of this, you see two areas divided by a bamboo fence. And as we’re looking at the plan, the beehives are on the right of the fence. The smaller section, I mean. Now, don’t worry. All these have been removed. You just need to transport the hives back to the car park.

Okay, for this seating, look at the circular footpath at the top of it. There’s a path that goes from there and takes you up to the seating area alongside the bicycle track and with a good view of the island, I suppose.

Okay, if you’re volunteering for the adventure playground area, let’s start from the car park again and go up the footpath but then you want the first left hand. Go out there and then you see, there’s a short path that goes off to the right. Go down there and that’s the adventure playground area above the bamboo fence. That fence does need repairing, I’m afraid.

Right. What else? Oh, yes, the sand area. We’ve got that circular footpath in the middle. Find the track that goes east towards the right-hand side of the plan and where that track divides, you need the little path that goes up towards the bicycle track. The sand area is just above the bamboo fence there.

And finally, the pond area. So it’s on the left-hand side of your plan – towards the top – just above the fruit bushes, and to the left of the little path. Okay. As I said already, hopefully, we’ll…


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