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Bài tập 26

First, you have some time to look at questions 11 to 14. Now listen carefully and answer questions 11 to 14.

Welcome to Green Vale Agricultural Park. As you know, we have only been open a week, so you are amongst our first visitors. We have lots of fascinating indoor and outdoor exhibits on our huge complex, spreading hundreds of hectares. Our remit is to give educational opportunities to the wider public as well as to offer research sites for a wide variety of agriculturists and other scientists.

Let’s start by seeing what there is to do. As you can see, here, on our giant wall plan, we are now situated in the Reception Block…here. As you walk out of the main door into the park, there is a path you can follow. If you follow this route, you will immediately come into the Rare Breeds section, where we keep a wide variety of animals which I shall be telling you a little more about later.

Next to this, moving east is the large grazing area for the rare breeds. Then further east, in the largest section of our Park is the Forest Area. South of the grazing area and in fact just next to the Reception Block is our Experimental Crop Area. In the middle of the Park, this circular area is our lake. These two small rectangular shapes, here are the Fish Farms where we rear fish for sale. To the east of those is the marsh area, which attracts s great migrant birds. And in the South Eastern Corner, beyond the marsh, is our Market Garden area, growing vegetables and flowers.

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