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Bài tập 28

As we enter the museum from the south by going through the main entrance, as I said before, you’ll find the cloakroom immediately on your left and on your right is the museum shop. They have an outstanding range of postcards and souvenirs in there and it’s well worth a visit, but perhaps best left till you’re on your way out. Then you’ll know exactly what you want. The big room to the right of the entrance behind the shop is the reference library. Straight ahead of you, yes, the huge circular room, is the main reading room.

If you decide to go in there, please keep noise to a minimum out of respect for the writers and scholars who use it for their research. The reading room is surrounded by what is known as the Great Court—indeed, it used to be an open courtyard–but you will see that it is now completely covered by a magnificent glass and steel structure.

If you walk around the Great Court in a clockwise direction, on the west side, you’ll see the entrance to the long hall of Ancient Egypt which has an amazing collection of Egyptian antiquities. The gallery behind the reading room (directly opposite the entrance) is devoted to China and Southeast Asia.

Here you’ll see Chinese civilization explored chronologically from the Neolithic period through to the twenty-first century. The restrooms for both men and women are located in the northeast corner of this floor, but don’t worry; there are others available on the floors above. Another huge gallery extends along the eastern side of the courtyard, and this is given over to Greece and Rome–the sculptures in this section are absolutely spellbinding.

Take your time looking at all the exhibits and when you’re ready to view what’s on the next floor, take the magnificent marble staircase by the entrance.

That is the end of section 2. You have half a minute to check your answers.

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