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Bài tập 6

Now listen and answer questions 17 to 20.

Now, a word about the layout of the building. The auditorium, stage and dressing rooms for the actors are all below ground level. Here on the ground floor we have most of the rooms that the public doesn’t see. The majority are internal, so they have windows in the roof to light them.

Standing here in the foyer, you’re probably wondering why the box office isn't here, where the public would expect to find it. Well, you might have noticed it on your way in - although it's part of this building, it’s next door, with a separate entrance from the road.

For the theatre manager's office, you go across the foyer and through the double doors, turn right, and it's the room at the end of the corridor, with the door on the left.

The lighting box is where the computerised stage lighting is operated, and it’s at the back of the building. When you’re through the double doors, turn left, turn right at the water cooler, and right again at the end. It’s the second room along that corridor. The lighting box has a window into the auditorium, which of course is below us.

The artistic director’s office is through the double doors, turn right, and it’s the first room you come to on the right-hand side. And finally, for the moment, the room where I’ll take you next - the relaxation room. So if you’d like to come with me.


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