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Bài tập 8

And finally I'd like to tell you about our new wildlife area, Hinchingbrooke Park, which will be opened to the public next month. This slide doesn't really indicate how big it is, but anyway, you can see the two gates into the park, and the main paths. As you can see, there's a lake in the northwest of the park, with a bird hide to the west of it, at the end of a path. So it'll be a nice quiet place for watching the birds on the lake.

Fairly close to where refreshments are available, there's a dog-walking area in the southern part of the park, leading off from the path. And if you just want to sit and relax, you can go to the flower garden; that's the circular area on the map surrounded by paths.

And finally, there's a wooded area in the western section of the park, between two paths. Okay, that's enough from me, so let's go on and...

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