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So let's begin with table completion practice. Okay, so I have to organize all of the events here for our English club for the year. And here we've got generally this one event every month, except for June. So let's see, in April on the 10th, we're going to have a Movie Night, so what do I think we're going to watch 2 movies and that night. And John is the teacher in charge of that so he gets to choose the movies, and he has to organize the students and tell them all about the Movie Night. And we do have a small budget of $50 so that the students can have popcorn and some drinks while they are watching the movies. Okay, so that's for April.

Now moving on to the next event which is on the 15th of May, and that will be a …, no, not a movie night. This is a Game Night - Bingo, so Bingo will be the event for May, and Mark it's going to be in charge of that. So I think he already has the activity arranged, he has the bingo cards in the markers, so he will be responsible for hosting that event. And there is a budget for prizes so that people who win the Bingo games will get a small prize and the budget is $75.

For June, there are two events in June, so the first event is on the 23rd and the next one is on the 25th. So on the 23rd, there will be a trip to the zoo and Anna will be responsible for that. She has to guide the students and make sure they know where to go and they don't get lost. And the budget is quite high for this because of transport as well as the cost of entry into the zoo, so it's $250 for the budget to organize the transport and food on the day, and also admission into the zoo. And then just 2 days after that we have a Dance Contest, and Anna will also be responsible for that, so she will have quite a busy time in June organizing those 2 events. And the Dance Contest doesn't require any transport or any prizes, just refreshments on the day, so a small budget of $50.

Now the following month on the 29th, there will be a Quiz Night, so questions and answers there will be in English quiz, different knowledge about English-speaking countries I think, and it Mark is also doing that so he does the Bingo Night and the Quiz Night. And the prizes for the quiz, so there will be a budget of $100 for Mark purchase prices for the Quiz Night in July.

Now after that, on 22nd of August is the graduation, so the students who pass their English courses will graduate, so there will be a Graduation Night or Graduation Ceremony and John will be responsible for organizing this. This is quite a big event, we have to organize a venue and a full meal - not just snacks, and there will be other gifts for the top students who graduate, so a $700 budget for the Graduation evening.

And during the following months, there will be a Summer Concert, at September, I think it's the 9th – no, the 10th, yeah, the 10th. So September 10th, there will be a concert with music and performances. And Mary is responsible for that, so she only has one of it for the year, and quite a big budget because we do have to hire the venue and hire some bands who will perform and play, so it's a $500 budget for the final event for the English club.

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