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So I've been looking at institutions in the area that offer basic courses in art appreciation and found this quite a lot of variation but no clear winner.

Pilkington College offers a traditional course with a series of rather dry lectures from a variety of teachers, each talking about his or her specialist area. The coverage of topics is a bit random therefore, with no attempt to cover a particular syllabus. I'd say go to Pilkington if you're looking to get access to its excellent library with its thousands of books and pleasant environment to sit and read but perhaps not for the course itself.

The City Study Centre has none of those resources but its downtown location makes it the ideal choice for anyone dependent on public transport or hoping to go along after work. The course itself is almost wholly exam preparation however, and so is not very suitable for beginners or those looking for an overview of the subject.

Gladstone University offers art appreciation courses to the general public which take place at weekends. The course are organized as workshops in which participation is expected which might not suit everybody, although the teachers are on hand to give lots of personal feedback and make sure things keep focused. What makes these classes attractive, however, is the systematic way. All major artistic movements are covered, making it an excellent starting place for the beginner.

Roseborough College offers online courses which focus on particular periods of art history. The flexible organization means they're perfect for anyone wanting to specialize in one particular area but less good for anyone doing an exam, although there is the chance to get one-to-one feedback on individual assignments the lack of face-to-face contact with a tutor is something of a drawback.

The International Learning Centre also offers courses in their well-equipped classrooms at the Business Park. The location won't suit people who don't have use of a car but the course itself is very focused. The syllabus is much the same as you'd find anywhere, but the combination of inspiring presentations on key topics an excellent online support and personal feedback on assignment, really mark this course out as special.

Finally, Bevington University offers part-time courses, but they're not cheap. In terms of prestige, this is the one to go for, particularly since you get a certificate at the end of it. The chance to study in these beautiful ancient surroundings whilst taking advantage of the purpose built interactive classroom is not to be missed, even if a rather narrow selection of artistic movements is actually studied on each program of seminars.

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