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Bài tập 18

Now listen and answer questions 25 to 30.

Man: Guess what, Liz? There's another interesting thing in this orientation booklet, and it looks important about a style guide.

Woman: What's that?

Man: Take a look yourself, it seems to be a set of rules regarding how to present written work essays and that sort of thing to the lecture. They want the uniform style of presentation.

Woman: I can see, so everything we hand in must have a header and footer.

Man: Oh what?

Woman: A header and a footer. The footer is at the bottom of the page and the header is at the very top. That's why they call it a header, you know that little bit of writing giving details about the work and they also want the word count. Why do they need that?

Man: I guess because the lecturers will specify the number of words they want for their assignments, and they want to be sure students follow this.

Woman: And even the heading on the page has to be a specific dimension, 16 points and bold print and underlined.

Man: And subheading are 14 points and the font has to be Arial for everything.

Woman: Yes, the main text is Arial, too. As you said and the size is 12 points with the header and footer being slightly smaller at 10 points each. Well, it seems logical. The size of everything is in proportion to its importance. But why do they need the spacing of the main text to be one and a half. The header and footer are different, they're only single spaced.

Man: Probably to allow the teacher to insert comments or corrections or customer or just to make it all more readable, I suppose.

Woman: And we need wide margins on the left, right, top and bottom, probably for the same reason. Lots of space to allow the addition of comments. That's a bit scary actually, it seems to assume we will be making mistakes.

Man: And look what they want in the header and footer. The header has the name of the work.

Woman: Not the name of the teacher.

Man: No, the work, but surely the teacher's name must go somewhere. Ah, here it is. It goes in the footer.

Woman: OK, I'd say this is all logical. If a page is lost, say, falls to the floor, then with all this information, it can always be traced back to the teacher involved.

Man: Right, as you say, all very logical.

You now have half the minutes to check your answers.

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