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Bài tập 17

Now listen and answer questions 16 to 20.

Right, let me orient you to our main EasyTravel office here. On this table right beside us are travel magazines for you to browse through, and on the wall next to that are many more, for all parts of the world.

Our four travel consultants sit over there, on the other side of that long counter. That’s right, four of them, side by side, all serving various regions.

Now, let me tell you their specific functions. Firstly, the consultant on the left, next to the plant, is the ‘Local Tours’ consultant, serving tours in the immediate vicinity of this city. Next to her is what we call ‘Regional Tours’, targeting the state-wide options.

Next to her is the ‘Interstate- Tours’, and that can involve either buses or planes, in the former case, utilising the SleekLine Bus service, as you know.

And finally, next to her, in the corner, is ‘General Enquiries’, which is self- explanatory. If you have questions of a general nature, rather than one relating to specific destinations, you can go there.

Now, as I said, we can do international tours, and for that you need our big office, just through that door - the one between those two plants. However, if your international tour is in the Asian region, which is generally our most popular option, then we deal with that in a separate room the one opposite International Tours, but not; the corner one.

Just go through that door on the left - the one next to that cupboard. The door next to that is, in fact, our General Office, so please don’t go through there. That’s reserved for staff members only.

That is the end.

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