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Bài tập 11

Now, if I can just show on this wall map here where they all are, you might like to go and have a look round. If you come into the main university entrance, at the first junction you’ll find that Brown Hall is on the corner opposite the theatre. So you’re nice and near the station here – though I think it can get a bit noisy with traffic. The same applies to Blake Residence, which is directly facing the junction to the university entrance. These Halls are often used by medical students and such like as they’re out all day so don’t notice the noise. Anyway, if you then walk along Campus Road towards the main circle, you’ll see the library on the corner and Queens Building is just past that as you head north. You will find that it is quieter here, and you may get fewer visitors! By the way, the Circle is quite a feature of the campus as it’s set into the hills and has a brand new sports centre in the middle – it’s worth going to look around it.

Now, the Parkway Flats are on the opposite corner to the library, facing the circle, as you head towards the main buildings. The main buildings are only about a five-minute walk from here and places in these Halls go quickly, so my advice is to reserve your place as soon as possible. Then Temple Rise is inside the circle, next to the sports centre,
but further from the main University buildings.

Now, if you’d like to go oft and … (fade)…

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