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Bài tập 13

MAN: Hello?

WOMAN: Hi. It's Laura Cariton here. We've just arrived at the holiday flat, but I can't get the hot water and heating to work.

MAN: Oh right! That's easy. Don't worry. In the upstairs cupboard, you'll find the water heater. You'll see three main controls on the left at the bottom of the heater. The first one - the round one on the far left - is the most important one for the heating and hot water. It's the main control switch. Make sure it's in the 'on' position. The switch itself doesn't light up, but the little square below will be black if the switch is 'off'. That's probably what's happened - it's got switched off by mistake. 

The middle one of these three controls - you'll see it's slightly larger than the first one - controls the radiators. If you feel cold while you're there and need the radiators on, this needs to be turned to maximum. The last of the three controls - the one on the right - is usually on about a number four setting, which for the water in the taps is usually quite hot enough.

Below the heating controls in the middle is a small round plastic button. If there isn't enough water in the pipes, sometimes the heater goes out. If this happens, you'll need to press this button to reset the heater. Hold it in for about five seconds and the heater should come on again. Then there's a little square indicator under the third knob that's kind of alarm light. It'll flash if you need to reset the heater.

WOMAN: It sounds complicated...

MAN: I'm sure you won't have any problems with it. There should be some more instructions on the side of the heater. Call me back if you can't make it work.

WOMAN: Okay.

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