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Bài tập 15

Now listen and answer questions 6 to 10.

Woman: OK, thanks. How can I get from here to Hackney, then?

Man: Right, well, you can choose. We’re here at the information office, OK? Now, next to us, on the turner of the high street and Sweet Street is the bus stop, opposite the bank. The bus goes all the way to Hackney, but it is a very indirect route, so it could take ages. 

If you want to take the train, walk down the high street towards the city, go past the bank and on your left is the station, just before you get to the post office. There’s a mainline service to Hackney Wick, so, if you need to get into the centre of hackney, you may need to pick up a bus when you get there. 

Opposite the post office, on the corner of Heart Lane, is the tube entrance – you’ll see the big signs. That’s probably the best way to get there, though you may have to change. It’s probably best if you go and get a travel card first. 

To get to the ticket office, you go out of here onto the high street. Then turn into South Street and the ticket office is on your right opposite the cinema. 

Of course, you may decide it’s quicker to take a taxi. But, it’s a long way, so I think it’ll be very expensive. 

If you do want to get a cab, then the rank is outside here, just opposite the office.

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