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Bài tập 3

Sophie: Hi Jane. How are you settling into life at University?

Jane: Fine, except I don't really know what there is to do in town. I haven't had time to look around yet. You've been here for a year. Could you give me some ideas?

Sophie: Of course! There's lots of places for students. Firstly, if you go across the bridge over the river outside the campus and turn left… Oh no, sorry, that's the garage… turn right, then you'll get to the bowling alley, which is really popular at the weekends because it's so close to the campus. On Friday nights, they have a special discounts for students.

Jane: Oh, that's great! I love bowling.

Sophie: So do you like sports, Jane?

Jane: Yes, I go running and swimming and I play badminton.

Sophie: In that case, there's a running track behind the University campus and I think they have a badminton court at the Sports Center.

Jane: Actually, I'm happy just to run in the park.

Sophie: Well, there's a large park in town, too. If you go down the road opposite the bowling alley and take the first right, then you'll get to the park. It's quite big and there's a lake in it. You can take a boat out on it. The University rowing team practice there.

Jane: What about places to eat out? Are there any good student hangouts?

Sophie: Absolutely. There’s the Elm Tree Café, which is down the road from the post office in the opposite direction from the river. The Café is on a fork in the main road and it’s quite an institution round here.

Jane: OK, well, I'll have to check it out. I'm looking for a part-time job, so maybe I'll be able to find work there.

Sophie: Mm, you should try - they're always looking for new staff and they often hire students. Now have I forgotten any other important places? Oh yes, you like sport, so I should mention the leisure center. Don't get it confused with the swimming baths, which are down the road from the supermarket. The leisure center is opposite. There aren't any swimming baths there, but you can get a student leisure card which will let you into both. So you see there is quite a lot to do in this town.

Jane: It seems like there is well. Thanks for all the information, Sophie.

Sophie: No problem. See you soon.

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