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Now listen and also questions 11 to 16.

Hello there. My name's Matt and I'm going to be your guide for the day. Before your guided tour of the stadium begins, you have 15 minutes to look around the small museum we put together about the history of the club.

Now, you've got a map of the museum on your leaflet. So, let me just tell you where to find some of the most interesting displays.

Firstly, I'm sure you'll want to see all the medals and cups that the club has won over the years. These are on the second floor in the first big room you come to after you've gone up the stairs. You have to walk through this room on your way to the exit, but make sure you leave yourself enough time to have a good look round. If you're interested in seeing a history of the club in old photos. Going right back to the 1880s, then you'll find that display on the first floor. It's in the first room you come to on your right as you walk down the main corridor from the entrance. You can also see the type of kit the team members used to play in at various times in its history and a display in the next room on the same side of the corridor on the first floor. It's amazing how much fashions in shorts and shirts changed over the years, and the display bring us right up to date. This room is really popular with visitors.

Another display that I'd recommend is the one devoted to the history of the stadium itself and how it's developed over the years. There's an interesting interactive display where you can press a button and see how the place looked at different times in its history.

That's in the middle room on the second floor. If you want to see how the club's advertising has developed over the years, then there's an interesting display of posters at the end of the corridor on the first floor, just before you go up the stairs.

Finally, you can watch some of the finest moments in the club's history in the last room on the left-hand side of the corrido on the first floor. You can see old newsreels of some of the best goals and saves and see some of the most iconic players of the last 50 years in action.

So, enjoy your visit! I'll see you at the exit on the second floor in 15 minutes when your tour of the stadium itself will begin. Enjoy!


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