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You will hear a Communication Studies student talking to his tutor about optional courses for the next semester.

Dr Ray: Come in. Oh hello Alan. Have a seat. Right ... you said you wanted to see me to talk about your options next semester?

Jack: That's right. We have to decide by the end of next week. Really, I'd like to do all five options but we have to choose two, don't we?

Dr Ray: Yes, but the choice depends on your major to some extent. You're majoring in Communication Studies, aren't you?

Jack: That's right.

Dr Ray: So for example, the Media Studies Option will cover quite a lot of the same area you did in the core module on mass communications this semester - the development of the media through the last two centuries, in relation to political and social issues.

Jack: Mmm. Well, that was interesting, but I've decided I'd rather do something completely new. There's a Women's Studies option, isn't there?

Dr Ray: Yes, 'Women and Power' — again it has a historical focus, it aims to contextualise women's studies by looking at the legal and social situation in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries ...

Jack: So it would be useful if I intend to specialise in women's studies... but I'm not sure I do actually.

Dr Ray: Well, it might still be useful to give you an idea of the issues involved. It's taught by Dr Steed.

Jack: Oh, really? I'll sign up for that, then. What about the option on Culture and Society?

Dr Ray: That addresses the historical debate on the place of culture since the Industrial Revolution in Britain.

Jack: So a historical focus again ...

Dr Ray: Do I get the message you're not so keen on history?

Jack: Well, it's just we seem to have done quite a lot this semester ...anyway I'll think about that one.

Dr Ray: If you're interested in a course focusing on current issues, there's the option on Identity and Popular Culture — that approaches the subject through things like contemporary film, adverts, soap operas and so on.

Jack: Oh? That sounds interesting. Can you tell me who runs it?

Dr Ray: Well, it's normally Dr Stevens but he's on sabbatical next semester, so I'm not sure who'll be running it. It should be decided by next week though.

Jack: Right, well I might wait until then to decide ... And the last option is Introduction to Cultural Theory, isn't it. I'm quite interested in that too — I was talking to one of the second year students, and she said it was really useful, it made a lot of things fall into place.

Dr Ray: Yes, but in fact in your major, you'll have covered a lot of that already in Communications 102, so that might be less useful than some of the others.

Jack: Oh, I'll forget about that one, then.

Dr Ray: Now while you're here, we could also discuss how you're getting on with your Core Module assignment ...

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