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Bài tập 11

You will hear a tutor talking to two students called Olivia and Jack about a presentation they have given.

TUTOR: We've got some time left for a feedback tutorial on your joint presentation today if you have time.

JACK: Yeah, we can do it now while it's fresh in our minds.

TUTOR: So, Olivia, how do you think it went?

OLIVIA: Well, I'm, I was really happy with it actually, but I'm glad it's over. I think the main advantage of doing the presentation was that we both learned quite a lot about training and skills development for the workplace, and how they improve people's opportunities in life.

JACK: And we learned a lot from delivering it as well.

OLIVIA: Yeah, that was important too. Hmm, as I said I was pleased with it but if I had to do it again, I'd change a few things.

TUTOR: Like what?

OLIVIA: Well, hmm, the first thing I do is improve the speed of the talk by making the delivery slower, and I keep the clock in front of me so that I was aware of the speed. And the next thing is, hmm, the length of the talk. I'd make the presentation time 20 minutes, that each of us. Because I think 10 minutes was much too short. If we had given ourselves more time, it would have flowed better.

JACK: Yes, I agree. I thought the timing was a bit tight. I'd say maybe even 30 minutes each.

TUTOR: Hmm, 30 minutes might have been a bit long for both you and the audience.

JACK: Maybe you're right. 20 minutes is probably better.

OLIVIA: And the next thing is connected with the order of the data. I thought the sequence is bad. It could have been a lot better.

TUTOR: Yes, if I had to give some particular advice, I'd say you need to give yourselves a run-through once or twice, using the equipment, just to see what it's like. Doing it without preparation like that is not that easy.

OLIVIA: Nope, it isn't! We were a bit stupid there. And another thing for me is that we forgot to give out the handouts with the copies of our slides on them that people to take notes. I should have given the map before we started. And one final thing is as I'd check that everyone can see the screen properly as a few people were sitting in awkward places so I check the arrangement of the chairs in the room.

TUTOR: And Jack, what about you? How did you feel about it all?

JACK: Well, hmm, I agree with Olivia, yeah, in everything she said. It's very difficult to make the delivery smooth. If I do it again I'll spend more time practicing to make it run more smoothly.

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