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I particularly liked seeing the recording of the reaction of several elderly people in their 70s when they talked about an early wooden-framed TV. They remembered the excitement of their first TV, which they thought still fitted in with today's trends. They remembered how they would sometimes all go round to someone's house to watch TV as a special treat. But they thought the modem TV plasma screen with the remote was much easier to watch.


As for the collection of old radios, it has to be seen. They are really huge old wooden-framed radios in perfect working order and in perfect condition. The youngsters' reactions to the radios were very funny; they couldn't believe how big they were. And the old people, all of whom used to have one, said they liked them, but they also thought they were too big to fit into living rooms these days.


A few more items worth looking at from the display are old kitchen items. The young people thought the cooker from the 1950s looked funny. The older interviewees nearly all used microwave ovens, which they thought were much handier.

Seeing old typewriters on display next to slim laptops made them look weird and cumbersome. Even the older people preferred the laptops which they thought were thrilling.


The other electronic items on display were a collection of old and fairly recent cameras. The older people thought the older cameras were well-made and better than the newer ones.

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