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Bài tập 14

SIMON: Hello, this is Simon Marshall. I spoke to you the other day about renting flat 3A.

B: Oh yes. Hello Simon. What can I do for you?

SIMON: Well, there are a few health and safety things I’d like to run through if that’s ok.

B: Yes, fine.

SIMON: Right. Well, the first thing bearing in mind it’s quite an old house is whether there’s any damp. I’m thinking here of the exterior walls and the floor.

B: Well, I’ve never known any problems with damp there. It was all right last time I checked certainly though that was before the recent wet weather. I’d better have another look back and get back to you on that.

SIMON: Okay. Now the next thing is the gas supply. Do you have a safety certificate, a current one that is?

B: We do. All the gas appliances have been checked by a registered engineer.

SIMON: Yes, I was going to ask about that. Just one more point on the electrics. Are there enough plug sockets in the flat?

B: It depends what you mean by enough really.

SIMON: Well, I’ve got quite a lot of electrical things: computer, radio, lamps, kitchen appliances, and so on; and I’m wondering whether I could plug them all in without cables trailing all over the place.

B: I think there’s one pair room that’s fairly normal in older properties.

SIMON: I’ll take that as a no then.

SIMON: All right.

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