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As to the findings, for us there proved intriguing, in the end, the sample consisted of 311 respondents, are thought initially that people wouldn’t be interested in taking part. With the youngest age group, their reactions were very mixed. It was clear that the youngest group had no pattern of preference at all, as they frequently gave no reaction to the pictures.

For the 20 to 40 age group, we found that they tended to score more in the middle range around three. We found that out of the three groups, the most likely to be favorably affected by the images, that is they were more likely to score the images as five were those age 50 and above. And nobody in this age group failed to say what their reaction was, which was unique for the three groups.

In total, I have to say that a bad 71 people indicated that they have no reaction at all to an image. A general conclusion is that we need to find out more about why react as they do, but perhaps giving them a chance to give reasons for their decisions. I would like to finish there and give my teammates a chance to add anything I’ve missed or take any questions or suggestions.

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