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Bài tập 16

Section 1: You will hear a telephone conversation between a language student and an advisor.

LISA: Homestay Language Learning; Lisa McDowell here. How can I help you?

DAN: Hello. My name's Dan.

LISA: Hello Dan.

DAN: and I'm going to be living with a family in Edinburgh for three months, so I'd like some advice on what to bring with me. I'm flying in via Singapore on the fifteenth.

LISA: Right. Well, perhaps most important of all are your documents: vaccination certificate, sponsor's letter, and the certifying letter from us for immigration.

DAN: Yes, I've got all those in order, I think. What I'm really wondering about are money and clothes, and things for my room. Personal effects, in other words.

LISA: OK, let's start with cash. You'll already have money in your bank account here, of course, but make sure when you get here you have some cash on you. Pounds that is, not euros or dollars.

DAN: How much do you suggest?

LISA: I'd see fifty as an absolute minimum.

DAN: OK. Now the next thing is which clothes to bring. What do think?

LISA: Well, as I'm sure you know it can get pretty cold here, so you will need some warm clothing. There are shops near here that sell winter clothes quite cheaply, so you really don't need to bring much. Do make sure, though, that you have at least one thick sweater and a jacket with you when you arrive here. The temperature's likely to be a lot lower than in Singapore!

DAN: Thanks for the warning! Now something else I'm not sure about is whether to bring my computer. It's a laptop, so it won't take up much room.

LISA: Two problems. Firstly, it might not be compatible with the electricity supply in this country, and, secondly, there's a risk of it getting broken in transit. Someone traveling here had hers smashed only last month.

DAN: But surely I can carry it as hand luggage?

LISA: Usually, yes. But because of all the tight security right now you may have to check it in. So my advice is to leave yours at home.

DAN: OK, I think I will.

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