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Bài tập 4

A: I’m sorry, I couldn’t help noticing the long list of classes you’ve written out there. May I have a look?

B: Oh, sure.

A: Medical Science, Statistics, Laboratory Techniques, Medicine, Mathematics, Computing. My, my, a bit of everything here.

B: Is it too much?

A: For your first semester, yes. What I suggest is starting out by taking the compulsory courses. Like we said be​fore, the Medical Science can wait. Consider taking that in your sophomore year. I think I’d put off Computing, too. I recommend to all freshmen that I talk to to get the compulsory Mathematics out of the way as early as pos​sible, so take that one. It’ll be one less difficult course you have to focus on when the science lab opens next year, and you have to catch up on classes like Laboratory Techniques. Your major also requires Statistics, so you have to balance two Maths classes, and no doubt you should take that. Otherwise, get your required Medicine course out of the way by taking something theory-based. Oh, of course and your Environmental Science class if you’re interested. The others can wait, though I think Computing is definitely a good idea, even though it’s not required. I see too, on your paper there, you seem to have had high marks on the entrance exam.

B: Uhhh…

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