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Tutor: So, let's hear what you're doing for your next project.

Student: I've decided to design a roof garden for a supermarket. I've been looking at some on the web and I think that a garden on top of a building is the up-and-coming thing.

Tutor: Okay, so you've done a bit of leading already.

Student: Uh hm.

Tutor: What benefits would there be for the client? Why do you think a supermarket chain would be willing to meet the expense of construction? You do realize that would be the first thing they raised.

Student: Yes. I know, but I'd explain that in spite of the initially high expense, they would save their margin approximately five years. Well, I'd have to do sums. I mean calculate specifically years.

Tutor: Yes. How would this saving come about?

Student: Mainly through our heating and air con bills. The extra insulation offered by having a layer of living plants in the soil would make a huge difference.

Tutor: Okay, but they might feel the expense of maintenance would be an issue. After all supermarkets don't normally employ gardeners.

Student: What I thought was if they made it a community garden rather than a simple low maintenance green roof.

Tutor: So there would be public access.

Student: Oh, yes. Then there'd be a sense of ownership in the local community and people could take responsibility for it, instead of the supermarket paying a commercial company and it’s really boost their public relations.

Tutor: That's a good point. And have you been looking into how roof gardens are built nowadays?

Student: I'm still exploring that, but if I take advantage of the latest technologies for roof gardens, it shouldn't be too difficult. But in any case, you have to use lightweight materials.

Tutor: But that's a matter of making the right choices. You can even use quite traditional ones such as wood for the planting areas.

Student: Yes. That's what I thought. It will look good and it isn't too heavy.

Tutor: But for the basic construction, the issue you have to address first, is the material used between the building and the garden.

Student: You mean the barrier fabric, which ensures there's no chance of rain water leaking down into the building?

Tutor: Yes, nowadays, that is very good and quite easily sourced.

Student: Then on the other hand, there's the business of water within the roof garden itself.

Tutor: You mean drainage? That's an important feature of the construction in any roof design.

Student: Yes, but I think most drainage issues have been well understood for quite a long time.

Tutor: Okay, but another thing is with plants in an exposed situation. You usually need to find ways to optimize rainfall.

Student: Yes, because rainwater is best for the garden. If you can store it for when it's needed. What I've been looking at are some buildings which use fairly conventional storage tanks, the kind that have been in use for decades, but have them linked to modern automatic watering systems.

Tutor: Sounds complicated.

Student: It's less so in practice than it sounds, I think. I've been researching them and actually the latest ones definitely work very well, and they can be electronically regulated to suit the local microclimate.

Tutor: mmm...That sounds interesting. You seem to have been doing some thorough research. Make sure you reference all your sources when you write it up.

Student: Yes. Sure. There's one more aspect. I just like to run past you if there's time. I want to include a light feature in the design.

Tutor: Of course.

Student: I've got a sketch here.

Tutor: Let's have a look then.

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