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Bài tập 6

Section 3: You will hear somebody talking to a group of students about a university language centre.

KATY: Hi, I'm Katy Shaw and I work at the University Language Centre. Your tutor tells me you might be interested in using the centre, so I'm here at the college to explain a bit about it and of course to answer your questions.

PAULA: Where exactly is the centre? Is it near the college?

KATY: It's actually on King’s Road, just round the corner from here, in fact.

JEFF: Oh, I know it, yes. I wondered what that building was.

STEVE: Yes, what's there?

KATY: Well, the library has about 4000 books, pamphlets and transcripts to go with some of the 12,500 items on audio or video cassettes. These are at a wide range of levels of difficulty, covering language learning material in over 100 languages. There are also reference books without tapes induding dictionaries, grammars, grammar workbooks, vocabulary workbooks and model letters, as well as texts on academic writing and effective study habits, etc. Audio cassette workrooms are on the first floor, by the way.

STEVE: Do they get any foreign-language press there, too?

KATY: Yes, the library subscribes to a number of European daily and weekly newspapers including Le Monde from France, L'Espresso from Italy and the weekly international edition of the Spanish paper El Pais.

JEFF: What about learning with computers? Can you do that there?

KATY: CALL, or Computer Aided Language Learning, is available on the first floor.

JEFF: How many PC's are there?

KATY: Counting both Macintosh and PC platforms, there are nine at present. There are materials in over fifteen different languages, and new material and language categories are being added as library funds permit. The programs cover verb drills, grammar exercises, activities to accompany multi-media textbooks, pronunciation, translation and some multi-media applications. The same hardware permits access to the Internet with its many language learning and discussion sites.

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