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Chuyên đề 9

You will hear 2 students, Janet and Armet talking about doing research.

Armet: But, can you tell me about your experience ...say... of doing the research question?

Janet: I thought I would have difficulty turning my idea into a research question, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. In fact, I found it extremely easy.

Armet: Okay, I might ask for your help on that, then. What about the literature review?

Janet: A literature review that I found really took up a lot of time. Although we can eat into the time, I actually like digging into things and getting to the bottom of problems >> IELTS TUTOR Giải thích phrasal verb: eat into sth & dig into

Armet: Yes, I agree, it can be fun. I'm reading a lot to try and get myself to frame my research question, and I'm really getting into the literature.

Janet: Well, the thing I was very glad to get out of the way ...was writing the research proposal. I was exhausted after that because it's important to make sure the research proposal is really clear on the focus of your research. It's not easy summarizing everything and bringing it together.

Armet: And designing the methods?

Janet: That was quite easy to do. I enjoy analyzing systems and adding them together, so I think I started the method design out really quickly. What I found really was agonizing was writing the aims and objectives at all that would be probably the most difficult thing of all.

Armet: Yeah, they aren't easy.

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